CLass descriptions

Modifications offered in every class!

Aerial Yoga- Combines classic yoga postures with the added use of the swing. Helps deepen the practice, align the spine and posture. It releases tension on the bones and muscles. Come fly with us. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! 60 minutes

*Kids aerial classes also available for ages 7 -14*

Aerial Yin- Combines classic yoga postures with the added use of the aerial swing. Slower pace than our Aerial Yoga classes and we hold poses for longer to receive more benefits and a deeper stretch. We use the swing in different heights to help get ultimate relaxation while incorporating different breath work. 60 minutes

HIIT Power Yoga-  

This class leads with Baptiste power yoga, then transitions into a series of high-intensity interval training, ending with yoga stretches into Savasana. 

In class, you will be met at your level, and guided through a series of yoga poses as well as HIIT exercises. These exercises are brief, yet intense with the purpose of increasing strength and burning fat. 60 minutes

Prenatal- Style designed for expecting moms regardless of their due date. Mixture of stretching, controlled breath patterns, and relaxing using props to help support you and the little moonbeam inside you. This form of yoga can also be used for increasing strength and flexibility in muscles used for childbirth. 60 minutes

*Prenatal available upon request*

Gentle Yoga- Perfect for any phase of your life, provides a safe and effective, compassionate environment, whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting or getting back into a routine after an injury this class is for everyBODY. We move at a slow and steady pace offering relaxing and movements for the body while using different breath patterns for ultimate relaxation. ALL LEVELS CLASS 60 minutes

Restorative yoga- Gentler and slower. These mostly floor-based classes are designed to address physical pain, increase flexibility and slow down the racing mind while using props. The classes are accessible to anyBODY as the instructor will help you customize each posture for your own unique appropriate depth. 75 minutes

Chair Yoga- 45mins Chair Yoga is a gentle practice in which postures are preformed while seated and or with the aid of a chair. Chair Yoga is great for anyone who has balance issues or anyone who has trouble getting down and up off the floor. Chair yoga increases flexibility, strength and body awareness with different breathing techniques and meditation to promote focus, mental clarity and relaxation.

Slow & Strong Flow-This class still has the feel of a typical vinyasa class while slowing down the pace of class. You will move mindfully while building both strength and balance on the mat. Enjoy slowing down, moving mindfully but powerfully and breathing deeply. Open to all levels

Full Moon Ritual- cOMmUNITY class offered once a month during the FULL MOON.

This practice is meant to create balance within the body and unite the opposites of feminine and masculine energy. In this practice, we will develop balance, strength, and flexibility, effort and surrender with each posture while going through our Moon Salutations. We start by setting a personal intention for yourself and the life you most desire.  *EveryBODY and EveryONE is welcomed and encouraged to join our full moon community class! Bring a friend or loved one. 75 minutes


All Classes and times subject to change.