• 200hr Iyengar Yoga Certification

  • 50hr Aerial Yoga Certification

  •  300hr LYT Yoga Certification

  •  RYT-Yoga Alliance

  • Aromatherapist 

  • Essential Oil Specialist 


Nicole is the co-owner and one of the yoga instructor at Luna Soul and Bowls

Her passion is teaching others how to heal their bodies naturally, using movement as medicine. She enjoys teaching others to love themselves through yoga practice on and off the mat. You can find Nicole teaching a variety of yoga classes; gentle, chair, aerial yoga and slow & strong. Hope to see you with her on your mat!


Nicole's latest reads:

Clarity & Connection by Yung Pueblo

Inward by Yung Pueblo

Ho'oponopono by Ulrich E. Dupree

By the Moon by Jill  Wintersteen

Meet The Team


Jill Rinkus

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor


  • Baptiste Vinyasa

  • Yin Yoga- Levels I and II

Jill believes the practice of yoga is the ability to be present in this moment while engaging breath, strengthening the body & centering the mind to seek one’s greatest potential to live a complete balanced and harmonious life.Jill’s Yin classes will provide you with an opportunity to slow down, and destress from the fast pace of your busy life. Yin’s key points are taking the pose, coming to stillness and holding the pose. Yin strengthens and lengthens the connective tissue, increases flexibility, boosts circulation and reduces stress levels. Jill’s classes will focus on the needs of the beginning yin student to the experienced with modifications given as needed. Show up for YOU! 


Mariah Elberson

HIIT Yoga Instructor


  • Baptiste Vinyasa

  • Yin Yoga 


Mariah believes that the practice of yoga is connected to our way of life. Taking time to come to the mat to breathe, strengthen, and expand nurtures not only our body, but also our mind.  HIIT Power Yoga leads with Baptiste power yoga, then transitions into a series of high-intensity interval training, ending with yoga stretches into Savasana. 

In class, you will be met at your level, and guided through a series of yoga poses as well as HIIT exercises. These exercises are brief, yet intense with the purpose of increasing strength and burning fat.


Kathryn Ridge

Aerial Yoga Instructor


  • 200 Hour Vinyasa 

  • 50 Hour Aerial Yoga

Kathryn has been engaged in her yoga practice for the past thirteen years.  Through it, she has developed a devotion to honoring pranyama (breath control) and the human body, as well as bodily autonomy.  She believes that the individual is, and always should be, in control of their own practice and it is the main inspiration of how she leads her classes. Yoga is the practice of living within and with our bodies for as long as we need them, and this physical practice effects the mind, emotions, and spirit.  She considers each class an opportunity to honor all that her practice has taught her over the years, and the students who share that with her when they choose to step on their mats as a community.